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The Top Four Advantages of Owning a Condo in Canada

There are many advantages of owning a condo in Canada. Perhaps the biggest advantage is owning your own home, which gives you a sense of security and stability. Additionally, condos are often more affordable than traditional homes, and they come with many amenities that make life easier. We will discuss the top four advantages of owning a condo in Canada, and you can find the listing price for Lakeshore condos by clicking this link.

You Get a Fair Price

tableWith the current market in Canada, you may be able to get a condo for less than $500K. This is especially true if you purchase it from someone who has owned it for several years and wants to sell it at a lower price. Condos can also be found in high-demand areas such as Toronto or Vancouver, where the cost of condos is higher than in other cities. Whether you are looking to buy a condo because it is more affordable than other options or wants the convenience of living in a large city, condos can be an excellent way to own your own home.

Owning Your Own Home Is Secure and Stable

The biggest advantage of owning your own home is that it gives you security and stability. This is especially true in a down market when you may be able to get a mortgage for less than the condo’s asking price. Owning your own home means that you are not at the mercy of a landlord, and you can paint, renovate, and decorate it any way you like. You also don’t have to worry about moving somewhere else if your lease runs out or you get transferred to another city.

You Get the Benefits of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)

Another big advantage of owning a condo is that you are part of an HOA, which offers many benefits and amenities. Some HOAs include golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, and other amenities in the monthly fee. In addition to these perks, you also have access to maintenance staff who will care for your lawn and landscaping for a small additional fee.


You Can Make Money on Your Condo

sofaIf you choose to sell your condo later down the road, there is a good chance that it will be worth more than what you paid for it. This is especially true in high-demand areas where condos are selling at very high prices, and there isn’t a lot of inventory available. If you choose to rent out your condo, this can also be a good investment since the monthly rental income will cover some or all of your mortgage payments and other expenses related to owning a condo.…

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Common Amenities You Will Enjoy When You Buy a Condo in Toronto

Canada, particularly Toronto has become a condominium hub. According to reports, the current condo development rate will change the standards of living in Canada forever. Thanks to their favorable taxation policies and stable economy, investors from any part of the world can develop a condo here. Such a high supply and demand of these housing units have led to the provision of different amenities in the condos.

All developers want to offer something unique as a way to differentiate their product. You can get the latest info here on the best amenities to enjoy when you buy a condo in Canada. Further, here are some of the amenities to expect.

A swimming pool

Swimming poolAlthough shared, this is a great amenity to have around you. It is an all people amenity as both kids and adults can use it. Today’s condos are rarely missing it. In fact, you will get a variety of them in different condos.

As a buyer, you can consider a condo with a swimming pool that makes you happy. Some will be on the rooftop to have a great view of Toronto, while others will have them indoors.

Health club and spa

Keeping fit at all times has improved the lifespan of people. The rate at which people are embracing it requires one to have a health club around. While living is a condo, you do not need to own your gym room in the house. Most of them have a dedicated health club inside the condo for all people to use. With the help of the fitness attendant, you can easily find a slot for doing workouts.

Other condos have spas with trained attendants. Here, you will get a massage and other related services for a fee. The good thing is that it is near you and you have no excuse to remain with fatigue.

Dedicated Parking lot

Depending on the number of cars that you have as a family, you can easily get a condo with enough dedicated parking lots in Canada. Most dedicate 2 parking lots for the larger family units and one for the smaller units. Getting a parking lot where no one else will take your space makes your car safe and secure.

On the same note, you will get a charging station for your electric or hybrid car. This way, buyers of condos in Toronto rest assured that the best of their needs are taken care of.

Serviced apartments

Whether you find the condo furnished or you do it yourself, most condo owners want to have the servicing team on the ground. Their work is to clean and maintain the public areas as well service the condo units that are in such a plan.

Most furnished condos in Canada are fully serviced by a dedicated team at an inclusive fee. Where this is optional, the owners can pay a certain fee whenever they need their units cleaned.


Other amenities include Internet connectivity, CCTV and dedicated security, Garbage collection and sports facilities among many more. With enough time to go through various available condos in Toronto, getting an appropriate one is easy.…

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The Beauty of Buying a Condo Unit in Toronto, Canada

If you want to buy a home in Toronto, you have to consider some factors. Everyone wants a home that meets their needs. It is also important to consider the kind of lifestyle that you live. Considering that most people who buy houses are looking for convenience, you may want to look for condos in Canada. These housing units have a lot of advantages and can save you from the many challenges that most home buyers go through.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or someone who is just looking for another home, there is no doubt that you will like condos. This is the reasons these units have become quite popular in most parts of Canada, and across the world. If you still doubt this, the following factors will help you to understand the beauty of a condo unit in Toronto, Canada.

Nearness to important amenities

condominiumsOne of the most amazing things about condos is that they are often built near essential amenities. This explains the reason you cannot just find them anywhere. For instance, most of them are close to the central districts in town meaning that if you are someone who visits the city center every day, you will have no problem doing so. They are perfect for those who work in offices or do business around this area. They also make you live close to the best shopping malls, recreational parks, cinemas, and other essential facilities.

Interact with an amazing community

Condos are different from isolated homes that stand on their own. Unlike when you would have to live like there are no other people in this world, these units allow you to enjoy the company of an amazing community. They bring together people from various backgrounds and this is a good opportunity to learn about their lifestyles.

You will be sharing common spaces such as swimming pools, parking, and many others. Therefore, you may have just found the perfect chance to add some spark to your life and learn the things that you would never have experienced anywhere else.

Choose from various styles

HousingIt is also good to live in condos because they come in various styles, designs, and sizes. Your choice should be determined by what is best for you. For example, on the same property, you will find that there are condos meant for large families, and those meant for people who live alone.

You also have many other options to choose from. In addition to that, you will like the choice of locations because no matter where you want to live, you are always going to find condos that are nearby to give you the best experiences.


To find the best condos in Toronto, you need to buy carefully. Start by looking for the right property agent so that they can help you to choose the right ones from the listings. You should also set aside some time so that you can compare several units, and see if there is one that suits your needs.…

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Canadian 2018 Real-Estate Market Outlook

Deciding to put your valuable money in real estate is always a worthwhile investment. Every New Year people get to wonder if the real estate market would certainly crush before the end of the year. 2018 set on quite fine and the real estate market began on quite a firm ground. This was mainly because of the developing prompt that was set in the summer period of 2017, which witnessed an increase in the number of listings that in return prompted the increase in pricing of the Canadian property markets.

2018 started off with lenders qualifying for new borrowers and those negotiating with a newly acquired lender qualifying for a mortgage but using new set guidelines. With all these, it means that 2018 will become more stable.

2018 will see a stable Canadian Real Estate Market

Canadian Real Estate market is set to enjoy a regular rate of appreciation and minimized risks of prices. Another reason that makes the real estatebig-house real-estate market more stable this year is the new listings-to-sales ratio that makes the general property markets more than 50% stabilized. Also having a look at the months of inventory you see that the Canadian market is leveling off because these months represent the liquidation of inventories proportionately to the current sales activity rates.

Other markets are still hot in business

Despite the many factors expected to cool down the activities in Canada like the rise in the interest rates from 2017 and the changes in mortgage regulations, there are some markets that are still sizzling. Some markets across Toronto stood at a better percentage during the end of 2017 compared to the other months. This has made most willing buyers to step up their rates of purchase before the rates continue to rise.

General Canadian Real Estate Market Analysis

With the decrease in activity as the market ushers in the New Year 2018, CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) predicts a drop of 1.4% if the an open real estatenational average prices of houses. Although with this fall, the market variation wouldn’t be felt because of the market differences in the other places. With this decrease, it means the market is volatile and requires increased sales activities and discovery of viable land for construction. The good thing expected in 2018 is that the hot regions expected to have increased sales activities are largely expensive and there are other regions flat-line rates not expected to disturb the market intensely, leaving the section expected to bring a drop easily controlled and contained not to affect the market intensely.…

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Things to Consider When Buying a Condo or a House in Canada

Canadian real estates and land portions have now rapidly risen in value and prices compared to the rise witnessed in some years before. According to Canadian Real Estate Association, the new numbers indicated in relation to the Multiple Listing Service show a steep rising graph compared to previous years where the rise was gentle and slightly deflating as years went by.

This rise has got people wondering if it’s a good idea to buy either a house or a condo. Everyone has his/her own capabilities, desires, and financial standards and not everyone is expected to think the same. But all of these factors considered, below are some few but important things to consider before going to shop for a house.

Differing prices for the local markets

According to Canadian Real Estate Association, prices according to different local markets differ a lot. Prices of houses in Calgary vary with a highera white house percentage of nearly 10% year-over-year compared to most of the other areas in Toronto which vary with a percentage of 8%. Other areas like Vancouver have a 6% varying percentage. This is an essential factor to consider so that one can weigh on the price in relation to the place desired to settle.

Places that are expensive are so because houses are in demand, the area is more modernized and developing, and there is a very minimal expansion space.

Market instability

Most people who bought houses a long time enjoy the value increases of the land they occupy. Land is one of the most common assets that enjoy longevity and a considerable rise in value. This makes land a vital asset.

Although sometimes the value of land might fall because of different reasons and so affecting the prices of the houses built. Most people have evoked a mentality that land and houses enjoy value appreciation and ignore the fact that it is prone to depreciation.

a lakeside houseThe 2008 house price-crash in the US is one perfect example where houses depreciated leaving millions of house owners having their houses less worth as they initially had paid for them. This same case was witnessed in Toronto between the years 1990 and 1996. Chances are also that if the economy slows down markets might fall again.

The duration of stay.

Potential buyers should keep in mind the duration they desire to stay on a newly bought house. This is because those who opt to stay for long never face a risk of being forced to sell the house when prices depreciate.…